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Delmarva Adult & Teen Challenge Men’s Campus is located in Seaford, Delaware and serves men, ages eighteen and above, with a desire to overcome life-controlling addictions.

We are a 12-month, residential, holistic program that addresses the mind, body, and spirit of our students.  

At Delmarva Adult & Teen Challenge Seaford Men's Program, we teach men principles with purpose. Through biblical principles we help men define who they are and provide them with the tools needed to assist them in the process of recovery.

Are you looking for an answer to your or a family members drug addiction? Is alcohol abuse becoming chronic? Have these and other life-controlling problems been spinning out of control. Delmarva Adult & Teen Challenge offers a place.

A rigorous and regimented program, students at Delmarva Adult & Teen Challenge participate in personal growth and group studies and receive personalized counseling. A variety of vocational training programs are available.



• Phase 1: Induction

Students begin to build a foundation of healing and overcoming addiction

•  Students learn the basics of a productive lifestyle and how to live in a community


• Phase 2: Training 

- Students dive deeper into the core issues of addiction and we focus on engaging and empowering them through our holsitic approach.

- Additional academics, vocational training, and other life skills classes are added, including parenting education

- Opportunities to participate in work programs and community outreach which facilitates the learning of fundamental skills and character qualities, such as: responsibility, industry, dependability, commitment, self-discipline, and the importance of serving others  


• Phase 3: Re-entry

- The student is assisted with reintegration into society.

- Goals include utilizing the tools learned to facilitate a continued drug-free lifestyle, individual spiritual growth, living independently, maintaining healthy relationships.

- For more information on our Seaford Men's Program, please call our Intake Coordinator at 302-629-2559

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For more information on our Seaford Men’s Program, please contact our Intake Coordinator at (302) 629-2559.


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